Design Tools

A comprehensive range of leading design tools for analogue, digital and mixed signal IC design; Photonics, MEMS, FPGA and Systems development; Atomistic, semiconductor and device modelling; PCBs, interconnect and much more. EUROPRACTICE design tools are available to universities and research institutes who are EUROPRACTICE members from eligible countries. Design tools can be used by members for their academic teaching and non-commercial research purposes only. Design tools are available from the following vendors.

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Training Courses & Webinars

EUROPRACTICE offers training and webinars on carefully selected topics that are relevant to the current and emerging needs of the European sector. All training uses design tools that are available to the membership via EUROPRACTICE and foundry processes available via the EUROPRACTICE MPW service.

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European universities and research institutes may apply to become members of EUROPRACTICE. Membership allows access to the full range of services, including training and design tools for academic non-commercial purposes.

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