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SoftMEMS are offering EUROPRACTICE members a free 30-day evaluation license of their PC MEMS Pro product. If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please contact the Microelectronics Support Centre at RAL. Email:

PC Based MEMS Pro

Please note. PC MEMS Pro is a MEMS overlay to Tanner tools. MEMS Pro from SoftMEMS does not include Tanner tools and this must be purchased separately (available through EUROPRACTICE).

MEMS Pro is a PC-based integrated CAD tool suite for the design of microsystems coupled with electronics. It ensures a seamless design flow from schematic capture to system simulation and to automated or custom layout and verification. MEMS Pro designs are foundry-ready with industry-standard output formats including GDS II, CIF, EDIF and DXF. MEMS Pro is an easy to use product and is the right choice for first-time CAD tool users.

MEMS Pro is based on 2 modules:
Modules Description Tools Required
MEMS Pro DS (Design Suite) Complete design environment dedicated to MEMS from schematic simulation to mask layout design - Ensure the link between layout and 3-dimensional model. Tanner L-Edit v15.02
Tanner T-Spice Pro v15.02
ROM Reduced order model generator. ANSYS v9.0 to v13.0
MEMS Pro Features: ROM Features

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MEMS Manufacturing Solutions

The MEMSCAP design kit allows users to customise the MEMS Xplorer and MEMS Pro engineering platforms for designs targeted at the 3 MUMPs' technologies:

Please refer to MEMSCAP web site for more details on the MUMPs technologies: MEMSCAP web site

MEMSCAP will also make available a design kit for a large range of foundries on request such as:

Design Kit Features:

The EUROPRACTICE IC Service offers MPW runs in the PolyMUMPs, SoiMUMPs and MetalMUMPs processes. For more information please refer to the IMEC web site: IMEC website

Operating Systems

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit