XJTAG Development Kit - free trial availability

The Microelectronics Support Centre at RAL is pleased to announce that the 30-day trial mechanism run by XJTAG Ltd is available to EUROPRACTICE member sites to assist in evaluation of the product before deciding to purchase.

How It Will Work

It should be emphasised that the trial is arranged through XJTAG Ltd , while subsequent purchase is carried out via the normal EUROPRACTICE XJTAG Software Order Form. Signed trial agreements must be exchanged with XJTAG Ltd in order to enter the trial. The trial evaluation request form is available from XJTAG Ltd's own web site.

Before the end of the 30-day trial, either an EXSOF must be completed in the usual manner, or the kit must be returned to XJTAG Ltd directly. The EXSOF is being amended to provide the ability to order and retain the trial kit without it being necessary to return it to XJTAG Ltd, in which case the serial number of the trial XJLink interface box must be entered on the form. The EXSOF must be accompanied by the usual required additional forms (University requisition, End User Agreements etc) which MUST be submitted directly to RAL, and NOT to XJTAG.


Only one trial kit will be provided at any one University campus, regardless of the number of EUROPRACTICE member sites registered there, and provided that none of them have already purchased the kit

More Information

XJTAG Development System

XJTAG is a JTAG boundary scan development and testing product. XJTAG's powerful and easy-to-use Development System provides the design engineer with early prototype testing of a circuit that includes BGAs, SDRAMs, Ethernet controllers, video interfaces etc. XJTAG also enables In-System Programming of FPGAs, CPLDs, flash memories etc. XJTAG scripts are re-usable and portable across different boards due to XJTAG's device-centric approach enabling a 'fast track' development and prototyping process.

The XJTAG Development System comprises:

  • XJLink
  • XJDemo board
  • XJTAG Development Software CD
  • IDC ribbon cable
  • USB cable
  • Carry case
Dev Kit Picture


The XJLink is a USB hardware device that links a PC to the JTAG interface on a circuit board. It is physically small and is simple to install and use due to the USB plug and play ability.

XJDemo board

This is a fully populated demonstration board to provide the user with an understanding of the XJTAG products. The XJDemo board comes with a tutorial demonstrating all the features of the XJTAG system.

XJTAG Development Software

The XJTAG Development Software is a suite of programs enabling the user to test and program electronic circuits. The suite comprises:

The technical brochure below, in Adobe Acrobat format, provides further information on the XJTAG Development System.

Operating Systems

Windows 10