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IntelliSense are offering EUROPRACTICE members a free 30-day evaluation license of their products. This will allow new users to evaluate any IntelliSense product and existing users to evaluate additional products. If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please contact the Microelectronics Support Centre at RAL.

Evaluation Licenses

IntelliSense make available a wide range of closely integrated tools for the MEMS and Microsyatems designer to seamlessly go from schematic capture and optimization to design verification and tapeout. A flexible design flow allows you to start your design at either schematic, layout or 3D level.

IntelliSuite Comprehensive

IntelliSuite Comprehensive is a tightly integrated design environment. IntelliSuite allows the design, process, packaging and system teams collaborate on MEMS devices that can be prototyped and manufactured with fewer costly iterations.

Blueprint is a layout tool specifically designed for the MEMS community. Blueprint includes TapeOut, an all-angle Physical Verification (DRC) tool, and a language-independent scripting tool, enabling you to create complex designs through scripting. The built-in Cross-Section Viewer allows you to view mask cross-sections and export them to PowerPoint. Automated hexahedral meshing techniques can be used to construct robust meshes for analysis.

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RECIPE is a powerful, easy-to-use RIE/ICP (Reactive Ion Etch/Inductive Coupled Plasma) etch process simulation tool for use in designing microstructures. With RECIPE, you can layout your microstructure and automatically simulate isotropic, RIE, ICP/Bosch/DRIE etching or any combination of the three processes. RECIPE supports the simulation of both ion-assisted etching and deposition processes.

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IntelliSuite Plus

IntelliSuite Plus contains all the modules and features of IntelliSuite Comprehensive plus the following additional products.

Exposure is a lithography simulator that analyzes the physical phenomenon and chemical reaction of SU-8 photoresists during the exposure, PEB (Post Exposure Bake), and development process which are the focuses of UV lithography modeling. Exposure can predict the developed profiles of SU-8 photoresists. Also, it can analyze the intensity distribution impact on the developed profile of SU-8 photoresists.

The FabSim process simulator enables users to quickly create photo-realistic process models and cross-sections using full physical simulation, rather than traditional geometrical methods. FabSim is a visualizer that enables you to view and debug your complex process flow. FabSim works with IntelliFab to render each process step in vivid detail. Users can view their structure at each process step and view cross sections at any angle for easier debugging.

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IntelliEtch allows one can pattern and etch any surface orientation, expanding the possibilities of MEMS design and enabling the testing of vicinal surface effects. Furthermore, IntelliEtch makes possible the patterning and etching of non-flat substrates with flat, round, vertical, or diagonal features. Even spherical silicon samples can be patterned and etched. It is also possible to explore and fine-tune a particular process by etching a structure atom-by-atom.

NanoViewer allows the designer to make a simple and efficient comparison among different silicon samples. With just a basic SEM image, users can easily generate a 3D reconstruction, take snapshots, and even export 3D models in a variety of popular CAD formats. In addition, users are able to quickly perform measurements and acquire useful information about the sample's surface, like its roughness.

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BioMEMS and Microfluidics Option

BioMEMS and Microfluidics analysis datasheet

The BioMEMS and Microfluidics Option provides additional functionality to either the IntelliSuite Comprehensive or the IntelliSuite Plus products.

The Microfluidics analysis module is a full 3D Navier-Stokes solver optimised for microfluidic applications. Support has been included for electrokinetic phenomena, Red-Ox reactions, acids, bases, ampholytes and fluid structure interaction.

Advanced visualisation algorithms allow the designer to look at cross-sectional profiles, velocity vectors and transient results. Using the Microfluidics analysis module the designer can investigate:

  • Fluid flow and fluid dynamics
  • Electrodynamics (time varying or constant electric fields)
  • Electrokinetics
  • Stochiometry and reaction kinetics (acids, bases, ampholytes, multi-valent analytes)
  • Mass transport
  • Heat transfer
  • Electrochemistry
  • Fluid structure interaction
  • Particulates such as DNA, microspheres for dielectrophoresis and separations

The technical brochure below, in Adobe Acrobat format, provides further information on the IntelliSense BioMEMS and Microfluidics analysis system.


SYNPLE datasheet

SYNPLE allows you to capture your MEMS at a schematic level. Your design can then be quickly iterated and optimized at different granularities. Sophisticated synthesis algorithms can automatically convert your schematic into mask layout, 3D or better yet a meshed structure for full multiphysics analysis. Synple

SYNPLE includes state-of-the-art schematic capture and simulation tools allowing you to take a hierarchical approach to the design space. SYNPLE provides a large multi-domain library of electrical, mechanical, thermal, and MEMS libraries. These elements may be combined in an effortless drag-and-drop fashion and then wired to create schematics of multi-domain systems. As a result, you can quickly survey a large design space before initiating a detailed analysis and verification process.

Users can perform device-level optimization using Design of Experiments (DoE), Robust Design or other techniques. Built-in place-and-route and synthesis algorithms can be then used to convert the schematic into a mask layout or an optimally hexahedral meshed model ready for full 3D analysis.

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