IPKISS Design Environment

The IPKISS design platform is a complete platform for Integrated Photonics Design. Through EUROPRACTICE the following modules are available:


IPKISS.flow is a Python scripting environment that covers the complete photonic IC design flow up to measurement feedback for true component validation. The components rely on a single, centrally defined model for a smooth transition between the different design stages such as layout component simulation and circuit simulation. IPKISS raises the integrity of your design flow, via:

IPKISS.flow 3.9 Key Features:

Python User Interface Layout Photonics Components Library Physical Component Simulation Circuit/System Simulation Framework


Combining the power of IPKISS flow with an easy to use established EDA environment: Tanner AMS Design flow by Siemens EDA, a Siemens Business. Best suited for combined photonics and electrical design.

IPKISS.eda 3.9 Key Features:

Graphical User Interface Layout
IPKISS Diagram

Available PDK's: