Intro to SkillCAD

The SkillCAD IC Layout Automation Suite is a collection of over 120 commands to help improve productivity for Cadence Virtuoso Layout designers. The tools integrate into the Virtuoso Layout Suite, so the designer never has to leave the Virtuoso environment. SkillCAD has been a Cadence Connection Partner since 2009.

The SkillCAD tools have access to Virtuoso technology files and know the available design rules, enabling design aware commands. These commands simplify complex routing and object creation, even over existing devices and/or routes.

Available from SkillCAD is:

Please note: SkillCAD tools work within the Virtuoso environment, SkillCAD licences do not include licences for Cadence Virtuoso which must be obtained separately (available through EUROPRACTICE).

SkillCAD Matched Bus Example

Example figure shows a matched bus being routed. The two buses cross different existing routes, however the design aware tool takes this into account to create buses that exactly match.

Summary of Tools

SkillCAD has a collection of over 120 user-guided and auto routing commands. The tools cover a range of useful functions and can reduce complex routing into a few simple steps. Some of the most used modules are highlighted below:

There are many more commands, and further details on the SkillCAD website.

Supported Design Tools and Foundaries

SkillCAD is compatible with Virtuoso Layout Suite IC6. For Cadence Virtuoso Layout L, XL, and GXL tools.

SkillCAD currently supports a range of technologies including TSMC, UMC, X FAB, Global Foundries, and others.