About Imperas

Imperas provide Virtual Prototyping technology for generating Virtual Platforms that can be used for embedded software development. Imperas make available fast processor models through the OVP (Open Virtual Platforms) initiative www.OVPWorld.org.

The Imperas/OVP processor models cannot be used directly, but require a simulator. There are two Imperas simulators available; the "lite" simulator (OVPsim), and the fully featured simulator (M*DEV). We also provide QuantumLeap, which is also an option to M*DEV which further speeds up simulation of multi-core systems.

The three Imperas products that are available through EUROPRACTICEare:

Imperas/OVP Processor Models and Virtual Platforms

Virtual Platforms

Virtual Platforms are models of a system that can be created before RTL is available and are used for system partitioning, optimisation, and software development. Virtual Platforms rely on fast processor models to allow simulation speeds of 100's-1000's MIPS, allowing interactive debug and verification of embedded software. Imperas provide processor models for over 130 processors, including ARM, Imagination MIPS, Renesas, PowerPC, openCores, Altera Nios II, Xilinx Microblaze and Synopsys ARC.

Imperas/OVP Processor Models

All Imperas/OVP Fast Processor Models support the GDB interface, and include a native SystemC/TLM-2.0 interface, enabling easy use in SystemC simulation environments. As well as processor models, platform, memory and peripheral libraries are also included.

The Peripheral Library has over 40 components that can be used to build a custom platform. Peripherals range from simple timers, to full functionality of an Ethernet controller that connects to the host ethernet port and provides network/internet access from within the simulation.

The platform library includes example platforms that can be used to boot complete operating systems.

Supported processors include: For more information on Imperas/OVP models, please see www.OVPworld.org and the following datasheets:

Operating Systems

OVPsim: Windows 10, RedHat Linux (32-bit only)
M*DEV: Windows 10, RedHat Linux (32-/64-bit)
QuantumLeap Windows 10, RedHat Linux (32-/64-bit)