dw-2000 Photonic Bundle

dw-2000 Extended Design Rule Checker

As in the microelectronics industry, photonic designers need to be able to verify that designs conform to manufacturers’ requirements. This involves checking designs for violations of specific rules, ranging from simple width and spacing issues to more complex rules such as misalignment and non-conforming bend radii in the waveguides.

The Extended Design Rule Checker provides such an expanded set of unique rules, including width, spacing, overlap, extensions, inside, outside, touch, enclose, area, density, edge and segment selection, conditional checks (such as angle, edge length), property checks (such as area, ratio), off-grid, error filtering (such as projections) and connectivity.

It is fully integrated with dw-2000 Layout Editor for easy error navigation, including legend dialog to facilitate error count, colour-coded error representation, and plain English error representation. This provides designers with close interaction between the errors and the layout where they can be corrected.

Extended Rule Checker Screenshot

dw-2000 Photonics Element Library

The Photonics Element Library features a library of parametric optical elements. To use these elements, designers just select the appropriate device, assign its parameter values and place it in the layout. Once a waveguide element is placed, users can view or modify the ready-to-manufacture layout. The following elements are included:

  • Linear
  • Arc Bend
  • Arc S-Bend
  • Sine S-Bend
  • Cosine S-Bend
  • Polynomial
  • Hyperbolic Lens
  • Elliptic
  • Ring
  • Polygon
  • Linear Taper
  • Arc Taper
  • Arc S-Bend Taper
  • Parabolic Lens
  • Sine S-Bend Taper
  • Cosine S-Bend Taper
  • Polynomial S-Bend Taper
  • Exponential Taper
  • Parabolic Taper
  • Circular Lens
  • Elliptic Lens

dw-2000 P-Cell Development Kit

Parametric Cells (P-Cells) are dw-2000 structures used to automatically lay out elements based on user-assigned parameter values. P-Cells eliminate the repetitive task of recreating the same layout with different parameters.

The P-Cell Development Kit allows users to create their own parametric cells such as gratings, zone plates, AWGs or other hierarchical waveguide elements, photonic crystals, lasers, and so on.

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Trial Licenses

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System Requirements

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or Vista (32- or 64-bit editions)
CPU: Pentium Family or better
Memory: 2 GB (for large designs, plan for more memory)
Disk space: 150 MB
Video card: 64 MB video card or better
Monitor: Minimum of 1024 x 768 pixels
Networking: A network card is required
Mouse: A 3-button mouse is recommended