Online and Curriculum Materials

Synopsys provide a range of online resources that are available to licensees of Synopsys tools. These resources include curriculum materials, generic libraries and access to the other online resources as part of SolvNetPlus.

Synopsys online resources (SolvNetPlus)

Synopsys SolvNetPlus is a self-help online technical resource provided by Synopsys. It may be accessed via the link from Synopsys' main web page (, under the Support heading, SolvNetPlus section. SolvNetPlus is restricted to authorised and approved users of Synopsys tools. To obtain a user name and password please follow the sign up process on the SolvNetPlus front web page. It is important when registering that you use your official University details. Synopsys will reject registrations which cannot be easily identified as a bona-fide licensed customers.

Included within SolvNetPlus is an online knowledge base (Support Center) and self-paced training. License key download may be enabled for one nominated SolvNetPlus account per site. The Europractice site representative may nominate a SolvNetPlus account to be specified as the primary account for the institute by logging in to our Member Only web pages and submitting a request using the Synopsys SolvNet Primary Contact Nomination Form from the Synopsys content section once they have entered the website. The Primary Account holder can be the representative or a colleague.

Please note: Your license conditions do not allow use of the "submit an enquiry" feature on SolvNetPlus and all questions regarding your Synopsys tools and licenses should be sent to

Curriculum Materials

Professors and Lecturers may be especially interested in the educator toolkit and curriculum materials on Synopsys' University Program. Synopsys' Curriculum materials can be used to implement a new course or supplement content in an existing course quickly and easily. These curriculum materials range from whole semester courses to shorter specific technical presentations and these may be used as courseware for teaching purposes by University members.

  • Full Semester Courseware. Synopsys has more than 100 full-semester courses available that are suitable for Bachelor and Master Programs in microelectronic design and EDA. Each full-semester course contains ~15 weeks of material including a syllabus, lectures, labs, homework and exams.
  • Workshops, Short Lectures and Labs. Synopsys also offers additional curriculum support modules that vary in length and include more Synopsys tool training materials than the full-semester courseware. Workshops cover topics on implementation, verification and TCAD. Short lectures introduce specific topics and the associated use Synopsys tools for a thorough and practical understanding of the concepts.

The Synopsys Curriculm Materials document gives further details of the materials available. Curriculum materials can be accessed via the Synopsys Learning Center (requires SolvNetPlus ID and password - see above). If you obtain Synopsys licenses via EUROPRACTICE then you are automatically members of Synopsys' University Programme.

Generic Libraries (Design Kits)

A range of Synopsys Generic Libraries and iPDKs (Design Kits) are available from Synopsys. These libraries are not designed for fabrication but are based on a range of typical process and ideal for teaching purposes in digital, mixed-signal and full custom design flows. These libraries are fully compatible with Synopsys tools. Generic Teaching Libraries available include:

  • 90nm Generic Library digital design kit including digital standard cell library, I/O library, memories, megacells for OpenSPARC processors and support for low power methodologies.
  • 90nm Interoperable PDK full custom design kit for CustomDesginer based design flows.
  • 32/28nm Generic Library digital design kit including digital standard cell library, I/O library, memories and support for low power design methodologies.
  • 32/28nm Interoperable PDK full custom design kit for CustomDesginer based design flows.

The Synopsys Generic Libraries and iPDKs are based upon typical modern processes, are fully compatible with Synopsys EDA tools, and designed specifically as a teaching resource with cell contents and some IP blocks. For members wishing to actually fabricate an IC then alternative design kits of real foundry processes are available from EUROPRACTICE.

The Synopsys Generic Libraries and iPDKs are available for download from the Synopsys website.

Product Webinars

Synopsys Online webinars are available for a number of Synopsys products and topics. Participate in live webinars and view recordings of previous events.