ClioSoft Design Management Suite

The ClioSoft Design Management Suite comprises the SOS7 platform which provides a sophisticated environment that supports design team collaboration, design reuse, IP blocks, and efficient management of design data from concept through tape-out for analogue, digital and mixed signal IC design. ClioSoft SOS platform provides an eco-system where designers can manage their design data during the development cycle. Highlights include:

  • Supports of multi-designer design data management for local and remote designers.
  • Efficient sharing of design data between multiple designers.
  • Access controls to allow nominated designers access to parts of the design and to lock-down other parts which they do not require access.
  • Revision control supporting recovery of previous versions; audit reports of the current state of the project and accountability reports tracking who made what changes and when!
ClioSoft Cycle

The ClioSoft Design Management Suite comprises the following products: