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Licensing Supported Machine Types

Tanner Tools Pro free of license charge for European Universities

The Microelectronics Support Centre at RAL is pleased to announce that Tanner Tools Pro is free of license charge for European Universities (maintenance fee still applies). For links to forms, prices and guidelines, please see the Software Ordering section within these web pages.

Tanner Tools Pro

The Tanner Tools Pro IC Design Suite offers a solution for the design, layout and verification of analog, mixed-signal, RF and MEMS ICs.  It consists of fully-integrated front end and back end tools, from schematic capture, circuit simulation, and waveform probing to physical layout and verification.

With an intuitive design environment, users can spend less time learning how to use tools and more time designing.

The Tanner Tools Pro IC Design Suite is available from EUROPRACTICE on the both the PC/Windows platform and Linux. Please note that L-Edit is available as part of this bundle and is not available separately as a standalone product.


All Tanner Tools products via EUROPRACTICE are available exclusively using SentinelLM network licensing.

To implement a network licensing arrangement, one PC on a network must be assigned as a license server and will serve out licenses to license clients (this can include itself) running the Tanner Tools Pro software. Although the server will serve both Linux and Windows clients, the server itself must be a Windows PC.

All licenses are major-version-locked and time-locked to permit operation during the current EUROPRACTICE maintenance year, with a built-in expiry guardband to permit some flexibility in maintenance renewals.

When ordering licenses, the NetID of the license server remains the primary key that is required to permit Tanner to generate the license. However, recent occurrences of system managers struggling to locate existing license servers have highlighted the usefulness of recording the MAC address of a license server, so you are now requested to enter this on all Tanner Software Order Forms in addition to the NetID.

Software List

Tanner Tools Pro IC Design Suite
Click on a product name to view the datasheet
Product Function
S-Edit Schematic Capture
T-Spice Circuit level simulator
W-Edit Waveform viewer
L-Edit Full custom layout editor
SPR Standard cell place and route
Standard DRC On-line geometric design rule checker
Interactive DRC Real-time DRC violation checker
Standard Extract Device level extractor to SPICE netlist
Standard LVS Layout Versus Schematic comparison and diagnostics
Cross Sectional Viewer Layout cross section to show circuit in fabrication stages
UPI User programmable interface / macro generator
SDL Netlist to layout generator
SDL Router Automatic routing engine
DevGen Standard Parameterized device generator
Node Highlighting Connection visualization
Curve Tools Chamfers and fillets generator for all-angle objects
Pad Cross-Reference Extractor

Extractor for Pad location from layout

HiPer Verify DRC and EXT using foundry Calibre/Dracula rulesets
EVI External Verification Interface for Calibre RVE
Utilities Licensing and installation utilities and diagnostics, and troubleshooting documentation

Supported Machine Types

Tanner software is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista plus Linux RedHat 4 and 5.

Supported System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements

Software Ordering

The EUROPRACTICE Software Service place bulk orders with Vendors monthly. In order to be included on the monthly order, Institute orders to EUROPRACTICE must be received at RAL by no later than the 25th day of each month.

Detailed instructions on how to place a EUROPRACTICE software order, how to complete the software order forms and the financial procedures that must be followed are given in the Software Order Procedures.

Useful documents:

PLEASE ensure that you read the End User Agreement Notes before downloading the End User Agreements.

Please access the Tanner software prices, maintenance prices and software order form through the Europractice Members Only webpages

STFC Home page The EUROPRACTICE Software Service is managed by the Microelectronics Support Centre, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK.   You can contact the Microelectronics Support Centre by email:

Last modified: September 8, 2015