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Synopsys Low-Cost Classroom Teaching Licenses

Europractice Synopsys Classroom Teaching licenses are made available for the teaching and instruction of students in cases where the Institute has too few regular Europractice non-commercial research and training licenses for mass-class teaching. The Classroom Teaching licenses have the same functionality as regular Europractice Synopsys non-commercial research and training licenses but are made available at lower cost since use is restricted to teaching only and no research use of any sort is allowed.

The following Synopsys Classroom Teaching licenses suites are available:

An application for access to low-cost Synopsys Classroom Teaching licenses requires an initial proposal and renewals require a successful yearly report. In order to be eligible for consideration for Classroom Teaching licenses, institutes must have 1 or more regular Europractice non-commercial research and training licenses under maintenance of the same suite. The Classroom Teaching licenses must also be located on a separate license server from the regular Europractice Synopsys licenses.

Synopsys Classroom Teaching licenses are free of initial license charge but are subject to Classroom Teaching maintenance supplements. Access to Classroom Teaching licenses is at the discretion of Europractice and Synopsys.

Institutes ordering Classroom Teaching licenses may also be especially interested in Synopsys' Curriculum Materials. Synopsys' Curriculum materials can be used to implement a new course or supplement content in an existing course quickly and easily. These curriculum materials range from whole semester courses to shorter specific technical presentations and these may be used as courseware for teaching purposes by University members.

Classroom Teaching License Initial Ordering

To place an order for Synopsys Classroom Teaching Licenses you must complete the following:

  1. Synopsys Classroom Teaching Proposal. The proposal should be a short electronic document (PDF) sent as attachment to with “Synopsys Teaching Licenses Application” and your Europractice Membership number in the subject field. The proposal should include the following information:
  2. Synopsys Classroom Teaching Licenses Order Form. Please complete the Synopsys Classroom Teaching Licenses Order Form
  3. Synopsys Classroom Teaching End User Agreement (EUA) Supplement. Please complete two copies of the Synopsys EUA supplement each with original signatures in ink.
  4. Purchase Order. to cover the maintenance supplement for the Classroom Teaching license suite(s) you are applying for.
Classroom Teaching License Annual Renewal

Yearly renewal of Classroom Teaching licenses is dependent on a successful yearly report in addition to the standard arrangements for payment of Synopsys maintenance. To coincide with the end of the maintenance year, these reports are due by 1 October at the very latest. Reports must show what you have achieved using your licenses, compared with what you had planned. For each course on which the classroom licenses are used, the following information will be required:

In order to avoid the need to request further details from you, please make sure that all these points are covered in a clear, structured and concise way. The Microelectronics Support Centre will contact users to request their report well in advance of 1 October each year.

Last modified: September 18, 2017