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Latest News

Mentor SLEC and AFS available on Request

Europractice and Mentor are pleased to announce that SLEC and AFS will be available free of additional charge to Full Suite Universities (Membership Numbers Axxxxx) on a case by case basis at the sole discretion of Mentor from 1st December 2019.

SLEC is described in the following link: SLEC Datasheet

AFS is described in the following link: AFS Datasheet

Cases to access SLEC and AFS should be submitted to RAL ( for consideration by Mentor.

On-Demand Training Available

The Microelectronics Support Centre at STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory is pleased to announce a pilot to make available access to Mentor On-Demand Training Libraries for a subset of the tools provided through Europractice.

These libraries are educational resources based upon Mentor tools. They contain video lectures, lab exercises, and knowledge checking tests, at multiple stages of various tool chain flows.

The available labs are simple to set up and use as they're hosted in the cloud, connecting the user through to virtual machines with all of the required tools installed already.

This scheme is initially only being rolled out for Europractice members with existing Europractice/Mentor End-User License agreements on a first come first served basis. Mentor will be able to monitor usage and at the end of the pilot STFC Europractice will ask for feedback to help persuade Mentor to expand the offering and make it available to the entire Europractice membership.

Currently the training libraries that will be made available are associated with Calibre, Functional Verification, Catapult, Xpedition, HyperLynx and Tanner EDA (L-Edit).

If interested please sign up at the following link: Mentor On-Demand Training Pilot Sign Up

Mentor Full Suite

The Mentor Full suite package comprises of a comprehensive suite of tools that cover a wide range of design flows and areas including the following and more:

Full list of tools available in the Mentor Full Suite Package

FPGA and Board

The FPGA and Board package consists of a subsection of the Full Suite tools that focus primarily on FPGA and PCB work.

Full list of tools available in the FPGA and Board Package

Mentor Online Support and Resources

Mentor provides an extensive collection of documents and resources that are made readily available to their tool users at their Mentor Support Centre website, these include tool user guides, command references, and frequently asked questions with solutions. The Mentor Training page gives access to hundreds of hours of on-demand training content featuring video lectures, online virtual labs, and knowledge tests with feedback.

Mentor Online Support

Mentor Online Training

Sign up to join the Mentor On-Demand Training Pilot, giving you access to Calibre, Tanner EDA (L-Edit), Xpedition, and HyperLynx training material.

Mentor On-Demand Training Pilot Sign Up

How to Order

Orders are placed with the vendor on a single order, once per month. To be included in the current month's order, all documents must be received by the Microelectronics Support Centre no later than the 25th day of the month.

Detailed instructions on how to place an order are given in our Order Procedures.




Last modified: August 17, 2020