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FPGA & Board Design and Full Suite Bundles, PADS PCB, Catapult HLS and Tanner

FPGA & Board Design (FPGA)

The "FPGA & Board Design" bundle includes tools for; digital design and implementation in FPGAs, and PCB design (including multi-board design). Please note that ModelSim is now known as Questa.

For FPGA Designers it offers tools for; VHDL & Verilog design entry (schematic, spreadsheet, FSM, textual), HDL linting, VHDL & Verilog simulation (with code coverage and assertions), FPGA synthesis, FPGA IO assignment optimisation.

For PCB Designers it offers tools for; PCB schematic capture (hierarchical/multi-sheet), constraint entry, interactive layout, automatic constraint driven routing, simulation, signal integrity analysis (including GHz signals), power integrity (of power planes), PCB verification, performance exploration/optimisation, and symbolic timing analysis.

Full Suite (FULL)

The "Full Suite" bundle contains all of the tools from the "FPGA & Board Design" bundle, with the addition of tools for; full custom IC design and analysis, mixed signal simulation, RF analysis, advanced digital design, modelling and verification.

For digital designers and system designers, it additionally offers tools for; advanced testbench automation, SystemVerilog UVM/OVM testbench creation and analysis, formal property checking (formal proof), clock domain crossing checking, verification planning, verification regression management, scan test insertion (and scan compression), boundary scan insertion, memory BIST insertion, ATPG, delay calculation, formal equivalence checking, multi-domain simulation (mixed mechanical and electrical simulation), SystemC TLM design/modelling, UML based model/code development, board EMC analysis to meet EMI regulations.

For analogue, RF and mixed signal designers, it offers tools for; Spice/fast-spice/mixed-signal simulation (Spice, Verilog-A/AMS, VHDL-AMS), Spice-RF analysis, Schematic capture, Simulation management (including montecarlo analysis), Layout editing, Schematic driven layout, Interactive DRC, Signoff DRC, LVS, RC Extraction, full 3D Electro-Magnetic (EM) simulation and optimisation (for RFIC, MMIC and antenna design), fast high capacity full-wave EM simulation (for complex antenna design, large RFICs or MMICs).


The Xpedition tools have for a number of years, and will continue to be, the premium PCB design tools from Mentor. In addition, the Mentor portfolio includes PADS, which might be easier to use in a teaching environment. PADS provides schematic design, component management, analog and thermal analysis and the PCB layout tools to produce designs in an easy-to-use environment. Through the Hyperlink technology, PADS enables both simple and complex designs incorporating Layout Rules Validation (DRC), Electromagnetic checks, Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, Manufacturability, and Thermal Compliance.

Catapult HLS

Catapult is a high level synthesis tool which enables the design of complex digital algorithms or systems (targeting ASICs or FPGAs) using C, C++ or SystemC. The greatly increased level of abstraction along with rapid micro-architectural exploration and refinement capabilities of Catapult offer both significant design productivity and verification efficiency benefits. The output of Catapult is synthesisable RTL VHDL or Verilog which can be integrated into your existing RTL flows.

Tanner Suite

The Tanner suite offers a complete solution for the design, layout and verification of analogue IC’s. It also integrates with other Mentor tools to offer mixed-signal and RF design flows, and integrates with third party products to offer MEMS design flows. The Tanner suite consists of fully-integrated analogue front end and back end tools, from schematic capture, circuit simulation, and waveform probing to physical layout and verification.

Please note: All new (or re-hosted) Europractice  Tanner licenses are now generated using the Mentor FlexNet network licensing. This is the same network license daemon as is used by the other Mentor tools. The Mentor FlexNet license daemon supports both Windows and Linux for the license server OS. Note: It is no longer possible to get SentinelLM (Net-ID) based license files.

Operating Systems*

Full Suite**

FPGA and Board Design



Tanner Tools Pro

* Not all tools are available on all platforms, please contact for further information. **The Full Suite bundle contains all elements of the FPGA and Board Design bundle

How to Order

Orders are placed with the vendor on a single order, once per month. To be included in the current month's order, all documents including original ink-signed paper End User Agreements (if applicable) must be received by the Microelectronics Support Centre no later than the 25th day of the month.

Detailed instructions on how to place an order are given in our Order Procedures.




PLEASE ENSURE that you read the End User Agreement Notes before downloading the End User Agreements

Last modified: July 26, 2018