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IPKISS.eda How to Order  

The IPKISS.eda Design Framework

IPKISS.eda is a scripting environment enabling a complete photonic IC design flow, from component definition, interconnection, and layout; via physical and circuit simulation; to true design validation, by real measurement feedback.

Consistent transitions between the stages of the design process are ensured, since the views used at each phase are bound to a single, centrally-defined component model. As a consequence of this tight coupling between a component's parameterized layout and corresponding simulation view, rigorous agreement between designs and fabricated ICs can be expected.

Raises the integrity of your design flow

IPKISS.eda comes with PICAZZO, a large library of predefined parametric components. While mainly developed for silicon photonics, the components are generic and can be applied to any planar photonic integration technology. Components include parametric grating couplers, Mach-Zehnder interferometers, (multi-)ring resonators and (optionally) advanced wavelength filters such as arrayed waveguide gratings (AWGs) and echelle gratings.

IKPISS Flow Graphic

IPKISS.eda 3.0 key features

  • Layout
    • Hierarchical component management
    • Photonic waveguide definitions: flexible cross sections, parametric bend algorithms
    • Semi-automatic routing
    • GDSII import/export
  • Circuit/ System simulation framework
    • Optical Network Solver
    • Layout integrated
    • Frequency simulation
    • S-matrix and custom models
    • Equation based source definition
    • Multiphysics library (Temperature, free carrier effects)
    • Yield analysis
    • Optimization
    • Interface to Synopsys OptSim Circuit
  • Fabrication backend
    • Available PDKs: IMEC Passives, imec iSiPP25G, IHP, IME
    • Ceate and combine multiple custom fabrication process flows
    • Generate 2D and 3D Models for rendering and Physical simulation: Povray, HDF5, VTK
  • Python parametric design framework
    • Python: easy, industry standard scripting language
    • Define building blocks in one place: reduce copy/paste and translation between tools
    • Extract and exchange information between different representations ("views") from a single definition: layout, 3D model, circuit
    • Interface with third-party tools
    • Optimization, post-processing, visualizations (numerous scientific Python libraries)
  • Physical simulation framework
    • CAMFR: Mode solver (2D Cartesian, 3D cylindrical)
    • Interface to CST Studio Suite
    • S-matrix extraction
    • Other solvers on demand

Orders from Europractice members are to be placed via Europractice in the normal way.  For further technical information, please see the IPKISS.eda Brochure or visit

How to Order

Orders are placed with the vendor on a single order, once per month. To be included in the current month's order, all documents including original ink-signed paper End User Agreements (if applicable) must be received by the Microelectronics Support Centre no later than the 25th day of the month.

Detailed instructions on how to place an order are given in our Order Procedures.




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Last modified: August 14, 2018