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End User Agreements (EUAs) are mandatory for most packages within Europractice. They are legal documents between the end user Institutions and the vendor. The Microelectronics Support Centre is responsible for organising the signature of these Agreements. EUAs must be completed by a responsible member of the Institute e.g. Head of Department or nominated Europractice representative, provided that these persons are empowered by the Intitute to sign such legal documents. This person must ensure that the software is only run in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

For completely new orders, where no previous licenses from a particular vendor exist, TWO signed copies of the EUAs are required with original signatures in ink, on each. Faxed, photocopied or scanned versions are not acceptable. End users must complete both the front and back page of each EUA. If the Institute has an official stamp, then this should be included below the signature block.

When sending these documents to the Microelectronics Support Centre, we strongly recommend the use of a courier service to assist with tracking.

It is IMPERATIVE that paper originals (ie containing original signatures in ink) of the EUAs are sent as faxed, photocopied or scanned versions are not acceptable. For new orders, the original paper agreements with original signatures in ink EUAs MUST be received by the 25th day of the month deadline, along with all other order documentation. The Microelectronics Support Centre will forward End User Agreements to the vendor for countersignature. More detailed Instructions for completing EUAs are available.

This page contains all the Europractice Institute EUAs. The Agreements are available for viewing and printing using the Adobe Acrobat reader. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can obtain a copy free of charge from the Adobe WWW site.

Altera Altera EUA for Academic Institutions
Ansys Please access the ANSYS End User Agreement through the Europractice Members Only webpages
Cadence Cadence EUA for Academic Institutions
Cadence EUA for Research Laboratories
Cliosoft Please access the ClioSoft End User Agreement through the Europractice Members Only webpages
Coventor Coventor EUA for Academic Institutions
Design Workshop Technologies Design Workshop Technologies EUA for Academic Institutions
Design Workshop Technologies EUA for Research Laboratories
HDL Works HDL Works EUA for Academic Institutions
HDL Works EUA for Research Laboratories
Imperas Imperas EUA for Academic Institutions
Imperas EUA for Research Laboratories
Intel Intel EUA for Academic Institutions
Intel EUA for Research Laboratories
Intellisense Intellisense EUA for Academic Institutions
Intellisense EUA for Research Laboratories
Luceda Photonics Luceda Photonics EUA for Academic Institutions
Luceda Photonics EUA for Research Laboratories
Lumerical Please access the Lumerical End User Agreement through the Europractice Members Only webpages
MIPS MIPS EUA for Academic Institutions & Research Laboratories
Mentor Mentor EUA for Academic Institutions
Mentor EUA for Research Laboratories
PhoeniX PhoeniX EUA for Academic Institutions
PhoeniX EUA for Research Laboratories
SoftMEMS SoftMEMS EUA for Academic Institutions
SoftMEMS EUA for Research Laboratories
Synopsys Synopsys EUA for Academic Institutions
Synopsys Teaching License EUA Supplement
Synopsys EUA for Research Laboratories
Xilinx Xilinx EUA is embedded within the Xilinx tool installation and accepted at time of installation
XJTAG XJTAG EUA for Academic Institutions
XJTAG EUA for Research Laboratories

Last modified: October 17, 2018