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CoFluent Studio for System Architecting

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CoFluent Studio can be used to model and simulate the behaviour, timing requirements, architecture and performance estimates (loads, power, memory, cost) of any electronic system: HW IP, embedded SW application, mixed HW/SW multiprocessor system.

This is achieved by first defining a Transaction Level Model (TLM) of the system, with no notion of hardware or software in a graphical environment, this is then translated into SystemC for execution. An abstract hardware model is then created, that defines the hardware platform in terms of simple elements (computation, storage and communication units). Using this abstract hardware model, processes from the Timed Behavioural Model (TBM) are mapped onto processing core, data is mapped to memories and route data on inter-processor physical links. Following this mapping process, the resulting model can also be translated into SystemC.  Simulation of this model allows performance processing of the overall system. The mapping process is then iterated as necessary.

Additional information on the CoFluent Studio for System Architecting package can be found in the following CoFluent datasheet:



Supported Platforms

Windows XP, Windows Vista

Linux is supported for LICENSING ONLY

Software Ordering

The EUROPRACTICE Software Service place bulk orders with Vendors monthly. In order to be included on the monthly order, Institute orders to EUROPRACTICE must be received at RAL by no later than the 25th day of each month.

Detailed instructions on how to place a EUROPRACTICE software order, how to complete the software order forms and the financial procedures that must be followed are given in the Software Order Procedures.

Useful documents:

You will be asked on the CoFluent Software Order form to run the cofluent_flex_id.exe via the appropriate link above, and supply the resulting FLEXnet Licencing Composite HostID in addition to the PC MAC Address. Please do not contact CoFluent.

PLEASE ensure that you read the End User Agreement Notes before downloading the End User Agreements.

Last modified: February 1 2010