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ClioSoft Design Management Suite

The Microelectronics Support Centre is pleased to announce the availability of the ClioSoft SOS design management tools through Europractice. Included within the ClioSoft suite are tools for management of analogue and mixed-signal designs, digital designs and IP blocks.

ClioSoft Design Management Suite

The ClioSoft Design Management Suite comprises the SOS7 platform which provides a sophisticated environment that supports design team collaboration, design reuse, IP blocks, and efficient management of design data from concept through tape-out for analogue, digital and mixed signal IC design. ClioSoft SOS platform provides an eco-system where designers can manage their design data during the development cycle. Highlights include:
  • Supports of multi-designer design data management for local and remote designers.
  • Efficient sharing of design data between multiple designers.
  • Access controls to allow nominated designers access to parts of the design and to lock-down other parts which they do not require access.
  • Revision control supporting recovery of previous versions; audit reports of the current state of the project and accountability reports tracking who made what changes and when!

The ClioSoft Design Management Suite comprises the following products:-

SOS analogue & mixed-signal is seamlessly integrated with full custom IC design flows - Cadence's Virtuoso (datasheet) , Synopsys' Galaxy Custom Designer (datasheet) and Mentor' Pyxis (datasheet) from the Europractice tool portfolio and also Keysight ADS. ClioSoft's SOS functionality is accessed via pull-down menu added into the familiar design environments (e.g. Virtuoso, Custom Designer, Pyxis etc). The intuitive interface allows designers to manage their schematics, layouts and other views from their existing design environment. Flexible workflow controls then allow the managed sharing of design data between designers. Additional details

Visual Design Diff (datasheet) gives users of Cadence Virtuoso the power to quickly compare two versions of a schematic or layout by graphically highlighting the differences directly in the design editor. Identifying differences between different versions of the schematic or layout is extremely useful in design flows or ECO flows when the designer is narrowing down the changes made to determine the cause of failure. Visual Design Diff works with the Cadence Virtuoso platform and detects changes that include any modifications to nets, instances, layers, labels and even properties. Visual Design Diff can highlight the differences between two versions of the same cell-view or between any two cell-views of the same type. Supported view types include schematics, layouts and Verilog. Additional details
SOS digital provides a collaboration platform for digital design teams at all levels of abstraction from concept to GDSII. SOS digital (datasheet) provides an easy to use interface to version control and management of files generated by digital EDA tools. Additional details
SOS IP Management (datasheet) system provides a mechanism by which designers can easily create or update IPs, deposit them into a central repository and generally manage IP usage including internally developed IP blocks and third party IP. ClioSoft IP Management tracking and management of IP blocks is supported with revision control and bug tracking systems. The system also provides the ability to manage the proliferation of the IPs and restrict each as needed to specific users. Additional details

How to Order

Orders are placed with the vendor on a single order, once per month. To be included in the current month's order, all documents must be received by the Microelectronics Support Centre no later than the 25th day of the month. Detailed instructions on how to place an order are given in our Order Procedures.




Last modified: January 29, 2019