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Relationships to MEMS Tools

MEMS+ from Coventor provides a standard methodology for modeling MEMS devices and simulating them together with control electronics within Cadence Virtuoso. MEMS+ provides MEMS and IC designers with a common platform for MEMS+IC design, MEMS+IC simulation, and MEMS+IC product development. MEMS+ supplies fast and accurate models of the MEMS device in the Cadence Virtuoso library manager as "symbol view", "Spectre view" and "Ultra-Sim view". MEMS+ also has an option to load the "layout view" as a PCell. Features in MEMS+ are:

MEMS Xplorer from SoftMEMS combined with the Cadence Custom IC Tool suite creates an environment for both MEMS and IC design. The MEMS Xplorer modules are integrated in the Cadence environment. Functionalities include mixed MEMS/IC schematic capture and simulation, full custom mask layout capability and verification, 3D model generation and visualization, behavioral model creation and links to 3D analysis packages. The key elements of this design environment are:

These tools enable system designers, process engineers MEMS specialists and packaging engineers to share critical design and process information in the language most relevant to each contributor.

Last modified: September 18, 2017