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Cadence Internet Learning Series (iLS)

Cadence Internet Learning Series (iLS) comprises self-paced courses delivered over the web that let you proceed at your own pace, anytime and anywhere. The iLS courses include dynamic course content, downloadable labs, and instructor notes. The courses are suitable for any academic who needs to update their knowledge of the tools, from professors down to students. Note that the details of the individual actually sitting the course must be provided when booking.  To enable users to be able to properly complete the course materials in the 180 day period allowed we ask that a limited number of bookings in the name of one individual is made at any one time (5 preferred, 10 in exceptional cases).

Courses are available to train various tools within each of the Europractice Cadence packages: IC, Systems, TLM and PCBStudio. The list of available courses can be viewed and booked (login required to book) here. If you do not already have a username and password issued by the Microelectronics Support Centre at RAL which gives you access to the iLS courses then your Europractice site representative should be able to grant you this access.


Each course costs 1 token. Universities (ie Academic members of Europractice) are credited with 150 tokens bundled with their annual Cadence maintenance payment. These tokens bundled with maintenance may only be used within the corresponding maintenance year and cannot be carried over to the next maintenance year.

A large default allocation of 150 tokens annually (with more available if these are used) enables Cadence iLS courses to be used for mass-class teaching.

Prof. Dr. Ing. habil Michael H|bner

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Michael Hübner (pictured left), Chair for Embedded Systems of the Information Technology (ESIT), Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), Germany was the first academic to make widespread use of Cadence iLS courses via Europractice for mass-class student training.

iLS courses are of great importance to Prof. Hübner's lectures. In one course, Hardware Modelling and Simulation, Prof. Hübner uses an iLS course about SystemC based hardware modelling (SystemC Language Fundamentals) to teach the fundamentals of SystemC and its application. This enables Prof. Hübner to dedicate more lecture time to specific topics and convey a deeper understanding of this design methodology. The students really appreciate that they can use the iLS course material in a flexible manner. Prof. Hübner first introduced this teaching method in 2013 and as a result the number of registered students per semester has increased from 20 to 80. The positive feedback from the students has now additionally encouraged Prof. Hübner to use iLS courses in a tutorial about virtual prototyping and a course on hardware software co-design. After 3 successful summer semesters using these iLS courses, the first students are now applying for Master Theses which include amongst other topics the use of SystemC models. These students who have successfully used iLS courses now have the right background to better handle the tasks required within their Master thesis work. Student feedback and examination results show a clear benefit from using iLS courses in student training. After this positive experience, the use of the iLS courses at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum will be extended to more courses. Prof. Hübner is grateful to Cadence for making these courses available via Europractice.

Go to the Europractice/Cadence iLS booking portal

You will receive Cadence ILS login instructions as soon as possible after your online request is confirmed as approved via an e-mail from Microelectronics Support Centre at RAL. Once a token has been allocated to a course, and you have received the course login details from us, access to your selected Cadence ILS course will then be valid for 180 days.

Automatic access to iLS is currently limited to Academic Institutions from EU and EFTA countries, but as with software licenses, Academic Institutions outside the EU and EFTA may request access to iLS, and access will be granted subject to approval by Cadence. Note that iLS is not available to Research Laboratory members of Europractice.

Last modified: September 18, 2017