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STFC is coordinating the membership. This document details the EUROPRACTICE membership for the October 2020 - September 2021 session.

Please refer to the EUROPRACTICE membership web pages for information on how to apply, the membership fees and a description of the services on offer.

Membership Categories available are:

  • Full - Eligible for all EUROPRACTICE services
  • Software-only - Eligible for access to the EUROPRACTICE Software Service only
  • FPGA-only - Eligible for access to the Altera, Xilinx or Synopsys Synplify FPGA only
  • MPW-only - Eligible for access to the EUROPRACTICE MPW Service only
  Europractice Membership Map

2020 / 2021 Europractice Membership Summary - 18 April, 2021
Academic Full Membership 303  
Academic Software-only Membership 129  
Academic FPGA-only Membership 22  
Academic MPW-only Membership 1  
Research Laboratory Full Membership 105  
Research Laboratory Software-only Membership 63  
Research Laboratory FPFA-only Membership 18  
Research Laboratory MPW-only Membership 4  
  645 Sites

2020 / 2021 Europractice Membership Details - 18 April, 2021
EP Number Site Name Country Membership Category
A00100 Institut Supérieur de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace (ISAE) France Academic Full
A00110 Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Germany Academic Software-only
A00120 Universita Politecnica delle Marche Italy Academic Full
A00170 University of Twente The Netherlands Academic Full
A00240 Fachhochschule Koeln Germany Academic Full
A00260 Luleå Institute of Technology Sweden Academic Full
A00500 Fachhochschule Kärnten Austria Academic Full
A00510 HTWG Konstanz Germany Academic Full
A00520 University of Modena and Reggio Emilia - Modena Italy Academic Full
A00530 Ioannina University Greece Academic Full
A00560 Universita degli Studi di Siena Italy Academic Full
A00670 Bremen Hochschule Germany Academic Software-only
A00680 Universita Della Calabria Italy Academic Full
A00740 Universita di Perugia Italy Academic Software-only
A00850 Giessen University Germany Academic Full
A01190 Munster Technological University Ireland Academic Full
A05000 SUPSI-DIE Switzerland Academic Full
A07090 Cyprus University Cyprus Academic Full
A12000 Universita di Bologna Italy Academic Full
A12010 Vrije Universiteit The Netherlands Academic Software-only
A12140 Technische Universitat Munchen Germany Academic Software-only
A12260 University of Dundee UK Academic Software-only
A12270 Hochschule Albstadt - Sigmaringen Germany Academic FPGA-only
A12310 Universidade Nova de Lisboa Portugal Academic Full
A12320 Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena Spain Academic Full
A12370 Universita degli studi di Napoli "Federico II" Italy Academic Full
A12390 Universita di Brescia Italy Academic Full
A12410 Fachhochschule Schmalkalden Germany Academic Full
A12440 Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences Germany Academic FPGA-only
A12480 University of Bath UK Academic Full
A12530 Universita di Verona Italy Academic Software-only
A12540 Brandenburg Technical University of Cottbus-Senftenberg Germany Academic Full
A12550 University of Minho Portugal Academic Full
A12590 Universidad de Castilla - La Mancha Spain Academic Full
A12640 University of Milano Italy Academic Full
A12650 Radboud University Nijmegen The Netherlands Academic Software-only
A12730 EPFL - SB-IPEP - LPHE Switzerland Academic Software-only
A12750 University College of Southeast Norway Norway Academic Full
A12770 Universita del Salento Italy Academic Full
A12840 Universitat Wuppertal Germany Academic Full
A12920 University of Zurich Switzerland Academic Full
A12930 Ecole Nationale d'Ingenieurs de Sfax Tunisia Academic Full
A12990 Universita di Bergamo Italy Academic Software-only
A13010 Sabanci University Turkey Academic Full
A13020 FH OOe Studienbetriebs GmbH Austria Academic Full
A13030 University of Copenhagen Denmark Academic Software-only
A13060 Universitaet-Albert-Ludwigs Freiburg, IMTEK Germany Academic Full
A13090 Universita della Svizzera Italiana Switzerland Academic Full
A13150 Universitat de Valencia Spain Academic Full
A13240 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel Academic Full
A13270 Hacettepe University Turkey Academic Full
A13280 University of Udine Italy Academic Software-only
A13330 Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Israel Academic Full
A13340 Universidad de Alcala Spain Academic Software-only
A13410 Institute of Technology Carlow Ireland Academic Full
A13470 T U Wien Austria Academic Software-only
A13480 Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine UK Academic Full
A13510 Royal Holloway University of London UK Academic Software-only
A13520 University College London UK Academic Full
A13550 University of Thessaly Greece Academic Full
A13610 Fachhochschule Aachen Germany Academic Software-only
A13620 University of Manchester (Jodrell Bank Observatory) UK Academic Software-only
A13630 University of Geneva Switzerland Academic Full
A13650 TU Darmstadt Germany Academic Software-only
A13660 Universitat Bremen Germany Academic Software-only
A13680 Technische Hochschule Aschaffenburg Germany Academic Software-only
A13690 Technological Educational Institute Stereas Elladas Greece Academic Full
A13710 Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL) Portugal Academic Full
A13720 Uppsala University Sweden Academic Full
A13730 Stichting Saxion The Netherlands Academic Software-only
A13780 HTA Luzern Switzerland Academic Full
A13800 Université de Lorraine France Academic Software-only
A13820 Koc Universitesi Turkey Academic Full
A13860 Universidad de Salamanca Spain Academic Software-only
A13890 Technische Universität Berlin Germany Academic Software-only
A13910 Ben Gurion University Israel Academic Software-only
A13920 Bar-Ilan University Israel Academic Full
A13940 Université de Liège Belgium Academic Full
A14070 Ort Braude College Israel Academic Full
A14130 Fachhochschule Brandenburg Germany Academic Full
A14150 Athens University of Economics and Business Greece Academic FPGA-only
A14220 Universita di Trento Italy Academic Software-only
A14240 Fachhochschule Techhnikum Wien Austria Academic Full
A14250 Yeditepe University Turkey Academic Full
A14310 University of Kassel Germany Academic Software-only
A14380 Tel - Aviv University Israel Academic Full
A14440 LPC CAEN/ENSICAEN France Academic FPGA-only
A14480 FH Joanneum Austria Academic Full
A14510 University of Groningen The Netherlands Academic Full
A14540 Kinneret College Israel Academic Full
A14550 Ain Shams University Egypt Academic Full
A14560 University of Pretoria South Africa Academic Full
A14580 University of Lincoln UK Academic Software-only
A14670 Cairo University Egypt Academic Full
A14690 HIT - Holon Institute of Technology Israel Academic Software-only
A14700 University of Piraeus Greece Academic Software-only
A14720 Universidad de la Laguna Spain Academic FPGA-only
A14730 Tobb University of Economics & Technology Turkey Academic Software-only
A14740 Universitat Kassel Germany Academic Full
A14760 University of Leicester UK Academic Software-only
A14770 KNUST Ghana Academic Full
A14780 Haute école d'ingénierie et d'architecture Fribourg Switzerland Academic Full
A14800 Universita di Milano-Bicocca Italy Academic Full
A14820 University of Salerno Italy Academic Full
A14860 Universita di Modena e Reggio Emilia - Reggio Emilia Italy Academic Software-only
A14920 Universität Konstanz Germany Academic Software-only
A14980 Queen Mary University of London UK Academic Software-only
A15030 Bielefeld University Germany Academic Full
A15070 Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna Italy Academic Full
A15090 The German University in Cairo Egypt Academic Full
A15160 American University in Cairo Egypt Academic Full
A15170 Egypt-Japan University of Science & Technology Egypt Academic Full
A15190 Jerusalem College of Technology Israel Academic Full
A15230 HAW Hamburg Germany Academic Full
A15280 METU Northern Cyprus Campus Turkey Academic Full
A15300 Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tunis (ENIT) Tunisia Academic Full
A15330 Universität Oldenburg Germany Academic Software-only
A15350 University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt Austria Academic Full
A15370 Universidad de Deusto Spain Academic FPGA-only
A15390 The Open University UK Academic Software-only
A15410 Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen, Friedberg Germany Academic Full
A15420 Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam The Netherlands Academic Software-only
A15450 Cardiff University UK Academic Software-only
A15480 University of Basel Switzerland Academic Software-only
A15500 Hochschule Rhein Main Germany Academic Full
A15510 Aarhus University Denmark Academic Full
A15520 University Politehnica of Bucharest Romania Academic Full
A15530 Universitat Bern Switzerland Academic Software-only
A15560 Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi Romania Academic Software-only
A15640 Universitaet Innsbruck Austria Academic Full
A15680 Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University Turkey Academic Software-only
A15720 Lebanese American University (LAU) Lebanon Academic Software-only
A15730 University College Dublin Ireland Academic Full
A15740 Satakunta University of Applied Sciences Finland Academic Software-only
A15750 University of Cassino & Southern Lazio Italy Academic Software-only
A15790 City University London UK Academic Full
A15840 Hochschule Rosenheim Germany Academic Full
A15850 Nottingham Trent University UK Academic Software-only
A15870 Istanbul Bilgi University Turkey Academic Full
A15880 Johannes Kepler Univ, Linz (NTHFS) Austria Academic Software-only
A15900 University of Bologna - Cesena Campus Italy Academic Full
A15930 South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences Germany Academic Full
A15950 Beuth University of Applied Sciences Germany Academic Full
A15960 University of Amsterdam The Netherlands Academic Software-only
A15970 Ozyegin University Turkey Academic Software-only
A15980 HTL - Rankweil Austria Academic FPGA-only
A15990 Princess Sumaya University for Technology Jordan Academic Full
A16000 Coventry University UK Academic Software-only
A16020 Zewail City of Science & Technology Egypt Academic Full
A16030 RWTH Aachen - Institute of Integrated Photonics Germany Academic Software-only
A16040 RWTH Aachen ISEA Germany Academic FPGA-only
A16050 Cranfield University UK Academic Software-only
A16060 RWTH Aachen Institut für Theoretische Elektrotechnik Germany Academic Software-only
A16070 Transilvania University of Brasov Romania Academic Full
A16090 Westfaelische Hochschule Germany Academic Full
A16100 Hochschule fuer Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (HTW Berlin) Germany Academic Full
A16130 Università Degli Studi Roma Tre Italy Academic Software-only
A16140 Jordan University of Science & Technology Jordan Academic Full
A16240 Birzeit University Palestine Academic Software-only
A16250 Istanbul Medipol University Turkey Academic Full
A16290 Universitat Pompeu Fabra Spain Academic Full
A16310 T U Bergakademie Freiberg Germany Academic Software-only
A16320 RWTH Aachen, Physikalisches Institut B Germany Academic FPGA-only
A16330 Hochschule Hannover Germany Academic Software-only
A16340 University of Vigo - AtlanTTic Spain Academic Full
A16350 Stockholm University Sweden Academic Full
A16360 KTH Stockholm Sweden Academic Software-only
A16370 An-Najah National University Palestine Academic Software-only
A16380 Urganch State University (UrSU) Uzbekistan Academic Software-only
A16390 Andizhan State University (ASU) Uzbekistan Academic Software-only
A16400 ENSTA Bretagne France Academic Software-only
A16440 Universität Zurich Switzerland Academic Full
A16450 University of Mannheim Germany Academic Full
A16460 Politecnico di Bari Italy Academic Software-only
A16470 German Jordanian University Jordan Academic Full
A16490 Universität Bayreuth Germany Academic Full
A16520 Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Germany Academic Software-only
A16530 The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo Israel Academic Full
A16540 University College London, Stanmore UK Academic Full
A16550 Maltepe University Turkey Academic Software-only
A16570 University of Bologna Italy Academic Software-only
A16580 University of Chester UK Academic Software-only
A16590 IUBH University of Applied Sciences Germany Academic Full
A35020 Sorbonne Université France Academic Full
A35030 Sheffield Hallam University UK Academic Full
A35040 Aalto University Finland Academic Full
A35060 Aalborg University Denmark Academic Software-only
A35080 University of Manchester UK Academic Full
A35090 Technische Universitat Wien Austria Academic Full
A35111 University of Sussex UK Academic Software-only
A35130 Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Spain Academic Full
A35140 National Technical University Athens Greece Academic Full
A35180 University of Nottingham UK Academic Full
A35190 Universidad Politecnica de Valencia Spain Academic Software-only
A35200 University of Aberdeen UK Academic FPGA-only
A35210 University of Parma Italy Academic Software-only
A35250 University of Westminster UK Academic Full
A35290 Université de Montpellier France Academic Full
A35300 University College Cork Ireland Academic Full
A35320 Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg Germany Academic Full
A35330 University of Newcastle upon Tyne UK Academic Full
A35400 Hochschule Ulm Germany Academic Full
A35410 University of Hull UK Academic Full
A35420 Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm Germany Academic Full
A35430 Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) Germany Academic Full
A35440 University of Essex UK Academic FPGA-only
A35450 Technische Universitat Darmstadt Germany Academic Full
A35470 University of Sheffield UK Academic Software-only
A35491 Universiteit Twente The Netherlands Academic Full
A35500 Universität Tübingen Germany Academic Full
A35520 Northumbria University UK Academic Software-only
A35530 Politecnico di Torino Italy Academic Full
A35540 University of Porto Portugal Academic Full
A35590 Joh.-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universität Frankfurt Germany Academic Full
A35600 Technische Universitat Braunschweig Germany Academic Full
A35610 Tampere University Finland Academic Full
A35620 Universität Bremen Germany Academic Full
A35630 University of Kent UK Academic Software-only
A35640 RWTH Aachen Germany Academic Full
A35651 Universite Catholique de Louvain Belgium Academic Full
A35660 Universita di Pisa Italy Academic Full
A35670 Universidade de Aveiro Portugal Academic Software-only
A35690 Politecnico di Milano Italy Academic Full
A35701 Delft University of Technology The Netherlands Academic Full
A35710 Hochschule Augsburg Germany Academic FPGA-only
A35780 University of Cambridge UK Academic Full
A35800 JUNIA - Etablissement ISEN-Lille France Academic Full
A35810 Universität Kaiserslautern Germany Academic Full
A35820 University of Oulu Finland Academic Full
A35830 Universität Hamburg Germany Academic Full
A35870 Universidad de Sevilla Spain Academic Full
A35880 Universiteit Gent Belgium Academic Full
A35891 University of Cantabria Spain Academic Full
A35910 University of Genova Italy Academic Software-only
A35960 University of Patras Greece Academic Full
A35970 Instituto Superior Tecnico Portugal Academic Full
A35990 Universität Duisburg Germany Academic Full
A36000 University of Bristol UK Academic Full
A36040 Technical University of Denmark Denmark Academic Full
A36061 CIME Nanotech France Academic Full
A36070 Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg Germany Academic FPGA-only
A36090 University of Ulster UK Academic FPGA-only
A36110 EPFL Lausanne Switzerland Academic Full
A36120 University of Strathclyde UK Academic Software-only
A36250 Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona Spain Academic Full
A36280 Brunel University of West London UK Academic Full
A36311 INSA de Lyon - CIMIRLY France Academic Full
A36312 CPE Lyon France Academic Software-only
A36341 University of Liverpool UK Academic Full
A36342 Liverpool John Moores University UK Academic Full
A36380 Università di Bologna Italy Academic Full
A36390 Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Spain Academic Full
A36410 AIME France Academic Full
A36440 Universität des Saarlandes Germany Academic Full
A36470 Technische Universität Graz Austria Academic Full
A36510 University of Limerick Ireland Academic Full
A37060 Universidad de Zaragoza Spain Academic Full
A37080 Universidad de Santiago de Compostela Spain Academic Full
A37090 Technische Universität Dortmund Germany Academic Full
A37190 Universiteit Antwerpen Belgium Academic Software-only
A37210 Vrije Universiteit Brussel Belgium Academic Full
A37220 Katholieke Universiteit Leuven ESAT Belgium Academic Full
A37230 INESC-ID Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Comput Portugal Academic Full
A37240 Hochschule Furtwangen Germany Academic Full
A37280 Università degli Studi di Pavia Italy Academic Full
A37290 Leibniz Universität Hannover Germany Academic Full
A37300 Birmingham University UK Academic Software-only
A37310 TU Berlin Germany Academic Full
A37320 University of Oxford UK Academic Software-only
A37330 Universidad Complutense de Madrid Spain Academic Software-only
A37340 EPFL Neuchâtel Switzerland Academic Full
A37350 Linköpings Universitet Sweden Academic Full
A37360 University of Oslo Norway Academic Full
A37370 Lund University Sweden Academic Full
A37380 Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg Germany Academic Full
A37390 Technische Universität München Germany Academic Full
A37400 University of Huddersfield UK Academic FPGA-only
A37420 University of Edinburgh UK Academic Full
A37430 University of the West of England UK Academic Full
A37440 Universität der Bundeswehr München Germany Academic Full
A37450 Hochschule Esslingen Germany Academic Software-only
A37460 Universita di Catania Italy Academic Full
A37470 Université de Strasbourg (IPHC) France Academic Full
A37490 The Queen's University of Belfast UK Academic Software-only
A37500 Universität Paderborn Germany Academic Full
A37510 University of Applied Sciences München Germany Academic Full
A37530 Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Germany Academic Software-only
A37540 Universität Ulm Germany Academic Full
A37550 University of Athens Greece Academic Full
A37560 Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway Academic Full
A37570 University of Surrey UK Academic Full
A37580 Universidad de Malaga Spain Academic Full
A37590 Aix Marseille Université France Academic Full
A37600 University of Hertfordshire UK Academic Software-only
A37610 University of Southampton UK Academic Full
A37630 University of Warwick UK Academic Full
A37660 University of Wales Trinity Saint David UK Academic Software-only
A37670 Laboratoire de Physique Nucléaire et de Hautes Energies (LPNHE) France Academic Full
A37680 University of Patras, School of Engineering Greece Academic Full
A37690 Universidad del Pais Vasco Spain Academic Software-only
A37710 IMT Atlantique Bretagne-Pays de la Loire France Academic Full
A37730 The University of Leeds UK Academic Software-only
A37760 Technische Universität Dresden Germany Academic Full
A37780 University of South Wales UK Academic Full
A37800 Hochschule Offenburg Germany Academic Full
A37810 RWTH Aachen Germany Academic Full
A37820 University of Bergen Norway Academic Full
A37840 University of Durham UK Academic Software-only
A37870 Swansea University UK Academic Software-only
A37880 Hochschule Aalen Germany Academic Software-only
A37900 Manchester Metropolitan University UK Academic FPGA-only
A37920 Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten Germany Academic Full
A37930 Hochschule Mannheim Germany Academic Full
A37950 Institut de Physique des 2 Infinis de Lyon (IP2I) France Academic Full
A37960 Istanbul Technical University Turkey Academic Full
A37980 Université Joseph Fourier France Academic Full
A38010 Hochschule Heilbronn Germany Academic Full
A38030 Hochschule Darmstadt Germany Academic Full
A38040 Oxford Brookes University UK Academic Software-only
A38050 Eindhoven University of Technology The Netherlands Academic Full
A38080 Ruhr-Universität Bochum Germany Academic Full
A38090 Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg Germany Academic Full
A38100 Ostschweizer Fachhochschule Switzerland Academic Full
A38160 Université de Mons Belgium Academic Full
A38180 KTH Kista Sweden Academic Full
A38190 Université Libre de Bruxelle Belgium Academic Software-only
A38220 University of Siegen Germany Academic Full
A38240 Technische Universität Ilmenau Germany Academic Full
A38270 Bilkent University Turkey Academic Full
A38310 ETH-Zentrum Switzerland Academic Full
A38330 Universidad de Vigo Spain Academic FPGA-only
A38340 Technische Universität Chemnitz Germany Academic Full
A38360 Universitat de les Illes Balears Spain Academic Full
A38380 Politecnico di Bari Italy Academic Full
A38410 Berne University of Applied Sciences Switzerland Academic Full
A38430 Johannes Kepler University Linz Austria Academic Full
A38440 METU Turkey Academic Full
A38450 Loughborough University UK Academic Full
A38550 Ostfalia Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Germany Academic Full
A38580 University of Sevilla Spain Academic Full
A38590 Universidad de Granada Spain Academic Software-only
A38600 Universidad de Navarra Spain Academic Full
A38620 University of Torino Italy Academic Full
A38650 Fachhochschule Dortmund Germany Academic Full
A38660 Universitat de Barcelona Spain Academic Full
A38670 Chalmers University of Technology Sweden Academic Full
A38720 University of Malta Malta Academic Full
A38780 University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria Spain Academic FPGA-only
A38790 Universidad de Zaragoza Spain Academic Full
A38800 Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich Switzerland Academic Software-only
A38810 University of York UK Academic Full
A38820 Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Spain Academic FPGA-only
A38840 Università "La Sapienza" di Roma Italy Academic Full
A38890 Universität Bonn Germany Academic Full
A38940 Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena Germany Academic Software-only
A39000 Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen, Gießen Germany Academic Full
A39060 LAPP-CNRS-IN2P3 France Academic Full
A39070 Hochschule Karlsruhe - Technik und Wirtschaft Germany Academic Full
A39080 Universidad de Extremadura Spain Academic Full
A39100 Public University of Navarra Spain Academic Full
A39110 Universität Stuttgart Germany Academic Full
A39150 Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya Spain Academic Full
A39170 Bogazici University Turkey Academic Full
A39180 Universitat Rovira i Virgili Spain Academic Full
A39200 Università di Padova Italy Academic Full
A39220 Universität Rostock Germany Academic Full
A39250 Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg (ASIC) Germany Academic Full
A39260 Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg Germany Academic Software-only
A39280 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece Academic Full
A39310 Technological University Dublin, Tallaght Campus Ireland Academic Full
A39330 Hochschule Reutlingen Germany Academic Full
A39340 Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg Germany Academic Software-only
A39360 University of Turku Finland Academic Full
A39390 Universidad Autonoma Madrid Spain Academic Software-only
A39400 Université Clermont Auvergne France Academic Full
A39410 Università di L'Aquila Italy Academic Full
A39440 Glasgow University UK Academic Full
A39450 Aston University UK Academic FPGA-only
A39460 Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel Germany Academic Full
A39490 Technical University of Crete Greece Academic Full
A39540 Universidad Carlos III Spain Academic Full
A39550 University of Florence Italy Academic Software-only
A39570 Università di Cagliari Italy Academic Full
A39580 Hochschule Osnabrück Germany Academic Software-only
A39650 University of Salford UK Academic FPGA-only
A39660 Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena Germany Academic Software-only
A39760 Haute école du paysage d'ingénierie et d'architecture de Genève (hepia) Switzerland Academic Full
A39770 Universität Lübeck Germany Academic Software-only
A39820 University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Switzerland Academic Full
A39840 MID Sweden University Sweden Academic Full
A40010 Budapest University of Technology and Economics Hungary Academic Full
A40050 Slovak Technical University Slovakia Academic Full
A40060 Czech Technical University of Prague Czech Republic Academic Full
A40070 Technical University of Brno Czech Republic Academic Full
A40090 Technical University Sofia Bulgaria Academic Full
A40100 University of Zielona Góra Poland Academic FPGA-only
A40110 Tallinn Technical University Estonia Academic Full
A40120 Warsaw University of Technology Poland Academic Full
A40130 Technical University of Lodz Poland Academic Full
A40140 AGH University of Science and Technology Poland Academic Full
A40150 Institute of Nuclear Physics Poland Academic Full
A40160 Wroclaw University of Technology Poland Academic Software-only
A40240 Vladimir State University Russia Academic Full
A40280 University of Ljubljana Slovenia Academic Software-only
A40530 Silesian University of Technology Poland Academic Full
A47300 Gdansk University of Technology Poland Academic Full
A47330 St. Petersburg Polytechnical University Russia Academic Full
A47400 Poznan University of Technology Poland Academic Software-only
A47510 University of Nis Serbia Academic Full
A47520 National Research University of Electronic Technology (MIET) Russia Academic Full
A47540 Peter Pazmany Catholic University Hungary Academic Full
A47550 Belarusian State University Belarus Academic Software-only
A47600 University of Novi Sad Serbia Academic Full
A47610 National Technical University of Ukraine Ukraine Academic Software-only
A47630 Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics Belarus Academic MPW-only
A47650 American University of Beirut Lebanon Academic Full
A47670 Poznan University of Technology Poland Academic Software-only
A47680 University of Zagreb Croatia Academic Full
A47690 Jozef Stefan Institute Slovenia Academic Full
A47740 Technical University of Lodz Poland Academic Full
A47790 St Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation Russia Academic Software-only
A47810 Lomonosov Moscow State University Russia Academic Full
A47820 University of Maribor Slovenia Academic Software-only
A47850 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Russia Academic Full
A47920 J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek Croatia Academic Full
A47930 Technical University of Kosice Slovakia Academic Full
A47980 Vilnius University Lithuania Academic Software-only
A47990 St Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" Russia Academic Software-only
A48010 University of Belgrade Serbia Academic Software-only
A48030 Omsk State Technical University Russia Academic Full
A48040 Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology Russia Academic Full
A48060 Riga Technical University Latvia Academic Software-only
A48070 Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Romania Academic Software-only
A48080 Nazarbayev University Kazakhstan Academic Full
A48090 University of Split Croatia Academic Full
A48130 Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU) Russia Academic Software-only
A48140 Ulyanovsk State University Russia Academic Software-only
A48160 Southern Federal University Russia Academic Full
A48170 University of Kragujevac Serbia Academic Full
A48190 Tashkent University of Information Technologies Uzbekistan Academic Full
A60030 TomskSU Russia Academic Software-only
A60040 TUSUR Russia Academic Full
A60060 MRSU Russia Academic Software-only
A60080 NSTU Russia Academic Software-only
A60100 National Research University Higher School of Economics Russia Academic Software-only
A60110 NRNU MEPHI Russia Academic Full
A60150 Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology (MIPT) Russia Academic Software-only
A60160 BMSTU - Kaluga Russia Academic Full
A60170 RTU MIREA Russia Academic Full
A60190 BMSTU Russia Academic Software-only
A60200 ISP, Novosibirsk State University Russia Academic Full
A60220 Voronezh State Academy of Forestry Engineering Russia Academic Software-only
A60230 Samara National Research University (Samara University) Russia Academic Full
A60240 National University of Science & Technology 'MISiS' Russia Academic Software-only
A60250 Bryansk State Technical University Russia Academic Software-only
R00040 imec Belgium Research Laboratory Full
R00050 STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory UK Research Laboratory Full
R00060 IMB-CNM Barcelona Spain Research Laboratory Full
R00140 Fondazione Bruno Kessler Italy Research Laboratory Full
R00150 Max Planck Institute for Physics Germany Research Laboratory Full
R00210 LAAS-CNRS France Research Laboratory Full
R00270 INFN, Genova Italy Research Laboratory Software-only
R00280 Nikhef The Netherlands Research Laboratory Full
R00300 INFN Sezione di Pisa Italy Research Laboratory Full
R14120 Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, Lisbon Portugal Research Laboratory Full
R14140 ICube Laboratory France Research Laboratory Full
R14360 Helsinki Institute of Physics Finland Research Laboratory Software-only
R15140 XLIM/University of Limoges, Brive France Research Laboratory Software-only
R20300 IMMS Germany Research Laboratory Full
R20310 INFN Sezione di Roma Italy Research Laboratory Software-only
R20320 INFN Sezione Roma Tor Vergata Italy Research Laboratory Full
R20330 DESY Germany Research Laboratory Full
R20350 CERN Switzerland Research Laboratory Full
R20360 TUBITAK Space Technologies Research Institute Turkey Research Laboratory Full
R20370 TNO-FEL The Netherlands Research Laboratory Full
R20400 INFN Sezione di Bologna Italy Research Laboratory Full
R20420 INFN Sezione di Trieste Italy Research Laboratory Full
R20430 European Space Agency ESTEC The Netherlands Research Laboratory Full
R20440 INFN, Sezione di Torino Italy Research Laboratory Full
R20450 INFN - Laboratori Nationali di Frascati Italy Research Laboratory Full
R20460 Institut fur Mobil- und Satellitenfunktechnik Germany Research Laboratory Full
R20470 INFN, Sezione di Padova Italy Research Laboratory Full
R20490 European Synchrotron Radiation Facility France Research Laboratory Full
R20510 IHP Germany Research Laboratory Full
R20520 NWO-I /ASTRON The Netherlands Research Laboratory Full
R20540 European Space Agency - ESTEC The Netherlands Research Laboratory Full
R20550 Sincrotrone Trieste Italy Research Laboratory Software-only
R20560 INFN Sezione di Roma III Italy Research Laboratory Full
R20580 INFN, Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro Italy Research Laboratory Software-only
R20600 Daresbury Laboratory UK Research Laboratory Software-only
R20630 INFN, Sezione di Milano Italy Research Laboratory Full
R20670 INFN, Seziona di Cagliari Italy Research Laboratory Full
R20680 CSEM Switzerland Research Laboratory Full
R20690 RISE, ICT Acreo Sweden Research Laboratory Full
R20700 Ikerlan Spain Research Laboratory Software-only
R20710 INFN, Sezione di Bari Italy Research Laboratory Full
R20720 Offis e.V. Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R20790 National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos" Greece Research Laboratory Software-only
R20800 Paul Scherrer Institut Switzerland Research Laboratory Full
R20810 Observatoire de Paris France Research Laboratory Software-only
R20850 Telecomms. Technological Centre of Catalonia (CTTC) Spain Research Laboratory Software-only
R20880 GSI Germany Research Laboratory Full
R20890 Fraunhofer ISIT Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R20900 Fraunhofer IBMT Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R20910 FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency Sweden Research Laboratory Software-only
R20920 Fraunhofer IIS (IC Design, Erlangen) Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R20930 Fraunhofer IIS (EAS, Dresden) Germany Research Laboratory Full
R20950 Diamond Light Source UK Research Laboratory Software-only
R20970 CSEM SA Switzerland Research Laboratory Full
R20980 Laboratoire des Plasmas et de Conversion d'Energie (LAPLACE) France Research Laboratory Full
R20990 INFN Sezione di Ferrara Italy Research Laboratory Full
R21010 LPC2E - CNRS France Research Laboratory Full
R21020 Synchrotron SOLEIL France Research Laboratory Software-only
R21030 Institut Materiaux Microelectronique Nanosciences de Provence France Research Laboratory MPW-only
R21050 Max Planck Institut fuer Chemie Germany Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R21060 Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH Germany Research Laboratory Full
R21070 AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH Austria Research Laboratory Software-only
R21080 Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH) Greece Research Laboratory Full
R21090 Fraunhofer HHI Germany Research Laboratory Full
R21100 INFN, Sezione di Napoli Italy Research Laboratory Full
R21120 Max Planck Institut fuer extraterrestrische Physik Germany Research Laboratory Full
R21140 Institute Max Von Laue - Paul Langevin (ILL) France Research Laboratory Software-only
R21150 Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt - Braunschweig Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R21160 INAF - Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica Firenze Italy Research Laboratory Full
R21170 Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire France Research Laboratory Software-only
R21190 INFN - LNGS Italy Research Laboratory Full
R21200 Stichting IMEC Nederland The Netherlands Research Laboratory Full
R21210 Austrian Academy of Sciences - IHP Austria Research Laboratory Full
R21220 Fraunhofer IISB Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R21230 Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular (IFIC) Spain Research Laboratory Software-only
R21240 VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Espoo Finland Research Laboratory Software-only
R21250 NWO-I/SRON The Netherlands Research Laboratory Software-only
R21260 University of Applied Sciences Dresden Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R21270 IRFU CEA - Saclay France Research Laboratory Full
R21290 SPINTEC, CEA/CNRS France Research Laboratory Full
R21300 IMM-CNR Bologna Italy Research Laboratory Software-only
R21310 Fraunhofer IPMS Germany Research Laboratory Full
R21320 Fraunhofer ISE Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R21350 Centre de Developpement des Technologies Avancees (CDTA) Algeria Research Laboratory Full
R21380 Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas France Research Laboratory Full
R21440 Studiecentrum voor Kernenergie/Centre d'Etude de l' Energie Nucleaire (SCK-CEN) Belgium Research Laboratory Software-only
R21450 INFN Sezione di Pavia Italy Research Laboratory Full
R21460 SINTEF ICT Norway Research Laboratory Software-only
R21510 German Aerospace Center (DLR) Optical Information Systems, Berlin Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R21520 Institut de Ciències de L'Espai Spain Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R21530 German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute of Space Systems, Bremen Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R21550 ICFO - Institut de Ciències Fotòniques Spain Research Laboratory Full
R21560 ONERA (Toulouse) France Research Laboratory Software-only
R21570 INAF - IRA Noto Italy Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R21580 German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute of Planetary Research, Berlin Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R21590 Austrian Academy of Sciences - Space Research Institute Austria Research Laboratory Software-only
R21600 Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia Italy Research Laboratory Full
R21610 Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R21620 Fraunhofer AISEC Germany Research Laboratory Full
R21630 Fraunhofer IZFP Germany Research Laboratory Full
R21650 Fraunhofer FHR Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R21660 Fraunhofer ESK Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R21700 MAX IV Laboratory Sweden Research Laboratory Software-only
R21710 LIP Lisboa Portugal Research Laboratory Full
R21720 Tyndall National Institute Ireland Research Laboratory Full
R21740 CIEMAT Spain Research Laboratory Full
R21750 International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) Portugal Research Laboratory Full
R21770 Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R21780 German Aerospace Centre (DLR) Navigation, Wessling Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R21790 NaMLab gGmbH Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R21800 Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems (IMM CNR) Italy Research Laboratory Software-only
R21890 Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, Aveiro Portugal Research Laboratory Software-only
R21900 Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie Germany Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R21910 CSIC - ITEFI Spain Research Laboratory Software-only
R21930 SMCTC Russia Research Laboratory Full
R21940 ICTP - The Abdus Salam Int. Ctr. For Theoretical Physics Italy Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R21960 IRAP/CNRS France Research Laboratory Software-only
R21970 PNSensor gGmbH Germany Research Laboratory Full
R21990 European Spallation Source - ERIC (ESS) Sweden Research Laboratory Software-only
R22010 INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari Italy Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R22020 European XFEL Germany Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R22030 STFC/UKATC UK Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R22050 Swedish Institute of Space Physics Sweden Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R22060 Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale France Research Laboratory Software-only
R22070 CNR/ISMN Italy Research Laboratory Software-only
R22080 Fraunhofer FEP Germany Research Laboratory Full
R22090 Culham Centre for Fusion Energy UK Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R22100 Barcelona Supercomputing Center Spain Research Laboratory Full
R22110 Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt - Berlin Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R22120 INAF - IRA Radiotelescopi di Medicina Italy Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R22150 Fraunhofer Institute SIT Germany Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R22160 Halbleiterlabor der Max Planck Gesellschaft Germany Research Laboratory Full
R22170 Instituto de Sistemas Robótica (ISR-UC) Portugal Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R22180 EMPA Switzerland Research Laboratory Software-only
R22200 Radio Analog Micro Electronics srl Italy Research Laboratory Full
R22210 Centre de Microélectronique OMEGA France Research Laboratory Full
R22220 CEA Grenoble France Research Laboratory Full
R22260 Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R22280 IRCICA France Research Laboratory Full
R22290 Fraunhofer EMFT Germany Research Laboratory Full
R22300 Max-Planck-Institute for Informatics Germany Research Laboratory Full
R22310 GANIL France Research Laboratory Software-only
R22360 IRT Saint-Exupery France Research Laboratory Full
R22370 CIS Forschungsinstitut fuer Mikrosensorik GmbH Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R22390 INFN Sezione di Perugia Italy Research Laboratory Full
R22400 DIAS (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies) Ireland Research Laboratory Full
R22420 Paul-Drude-Institut für Festkörperelektronik Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R22430 INFN Laboratori Nazionali Del Sud Italy Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R22440 Hahn - Schickard - Gesellschaft fuer Angewandte Forschung e.V. Germany Research Laboratory Full
R22450 European Gravitational Observatory Italy Research Laboratory Software-only
R22460 Consorcio ESS Bilbao Spain Research Laboratory Full
R22470 Asociacion Centro Tecnológico (CEIT IK4) Spain Research Laboratory Full
R22490 INFN Firenze Italy Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R22500 Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics Germany Research Laboratory Software-only
R22510 Silicon Austria Labs GmbH Villach Austria Research Laboratory Full
R22520 Silicon Austria Labs GmbH Linz Austria Research Laboratory Full
R22530 EMBL (European Molecular Biology Lab.) Germany Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R22550 Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni - CNIT Italy Research Laboratory MPW-only
R22570 Center for Research in Microelectronics and Nanotechnology (CRMN) Tunisia Research Laboratory Full
R22580 Skylabs Vesoljske Tehnologije Doo (Skylabs d.o.o) Slovenia Research Laboratory MPW-only
R22590 CMP France Research Laboratory Software-only
R22600 Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia - CTAG Spain Research Laboratory Full
R22610 Institute of High Pressure Physics (UNIPRESS) Poland Research Laboratory Full
R22620 Electronics Research Institute Egypt Research Laboratory Full
R22630 Houmal Technology Park Lebanon Research Laboratory Full
R22640 Athena Research Centre Greece Research Laboratory Full
R22650 Max-Planck-Institute for Software Systems Germany Research Laboratory Full
R22660 Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry Czech Republic Research Laboratory Software-only
R22670 Institut für Mikroelektronik Stuttgart Germany Research Laboratory Full
R22680 Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes France Research Laboratory Software-only
R22690 Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics Germany Research Laboratory Full
R22700 Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC) Spain Research Laboratory Full
R22710 Fraunhofer Institut fuer Mikroelektronische Shaltungen und Systeme (IMS) Germany Research Laboratory Full
R37850 Laboratoire de Physique des 2 Infinis Irène Joliot-Curie France Research Laboratory Full
R38290 Laboratoire IMS France Research Laboratory Full
R38860 TUBITAK Bilgem Turkey Research Laboratory Full
R40030 Siec Badawcza Lukasiewicz - Instytut Mikroelektroniki i Fotoniki Poland Research Laboratory Full
R47460 Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences Czech Republic Research Laboratory Full
R47900 (BINP) Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics Russia Research Laboratory Full
R49000 UTIA AV CR Czech Republic Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R49010 National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering Romania Research Laboratory Full
R49020 Institute of Electronics & Computer Science Latvia Research Laboratory Full
R49030 Instytut Podstawowych Problemów Techniki PAN (IPPT-PAN) Poland Research Laboratory Software-only
R49050 Bioinfobank Institute Poland Research Laboratory Full
R49060 National Institute for Physics & Nuclear Engineering (ATLAS) Romania Research Laboratory Full
R49070 Space Research Institute (IKI) Russia Research Laboratory Full
R49080 Centrum Badan Kosmicznych PAN Poland Research Laboratory FPGA-only
R49200 Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology (BPTI) Lithuania Research Laboratory MPW-only
R49210 Institute of Physical Materials Science (IPMS SB RAS) Russia Research Laboratory Software-only
R49220 Institute of Nanotechnology of Microelectronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences Russia Research Laboratory Full
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